100 years of shipbuilding

Szczecin Shipyard

Szczecin Shipyard

"The farther back you can look,
the farther forward you are likely to see"

Winston Churchill

45 acres of area

600 wharf lenght meters

450 tons crane’s capacity

4600 tons technological capacity

Vulcan 1

  • length 245,30 m, width: 25,90 m, max. vessel size 33.500 DWT
  • gantry crane: Q = 300 t
  • incline crane: 1 × 80 t,1 × 50 t, 1 × 32 t

New Vulcan WNP

  • length 265,80 m, width 39,23 m, max. vessel size 70.000 DWT
  • gantry crane: Q = 450 t
  • incline crane: 1 × 80 t, 2 × 32 t

New Odra

  • length 189 m, width 44 m, max. vessel size 50.000 DWT
  • gantry crane: Q = 300 t
  • incline crane: 4 x 50 t

The process of vessel’s production



The Szczecin Shipyard was established in 1948, however, it became an independent entity only in 1950. In the beginning, steamboats were produced, afterwards, ships with combustion engine.


At the shipyard we build:

  • cargo ship,
  • chemical tanker ship,
  • oil tankers ships,
  • research vessels,
  • offshore vessels,
  • passenger ships,
  • technical floating vessels,
  • bulk carriers ships,
  • cargo carrier.

In 1993 Germanischer Lloyd admitted ISO 9001 certificate to Szczecin Shipyard - it was one of the first that kind certificate in the shipbuilding industry in Europe.

ISO 9001

Tradition and high quality characterizes us. The Szczecin Shipyard has always been characterized by high standards of construction solutions and technology.

Take advantage of our experience and be sure, that everything is performed in a professional manner.


We aim:

  • to maintain the modernity of ship designing,
  • to maintain high quality production,
  • fast time to complete projects,
  • successful cooperation with ship owners.

Our infrastructure:

  1. Europe’s only Center of Cleaning and Painting Section, - 1 ha of indoor building technological area,
  2. lines for cleaning, painting, cutting and bending metal sheet,
  3. center of completion and prefabrication,
  4. fully lifting appliances fabrication halls.

We built 900 floating vessels

The Szczecin shipyard is adjusted for shipbuilding through out the infrastructure, organized under stream - center technological chains with prefabrication halls, with incline cranes and wharfs terminal equipment.

  1. Sheets and profiles treatment
  2. Pre - fabrication section
  3. Painting chambers
  4. Hulls installation
  5. Equipments treatment and prefabrication
  6. Wharfs


Stocznia Szczecińska Antosiewicza 1 Street,
71-642 Szczecin, Poland

Mail: shipyard@shipyard.szczecin.pl
World agent: zjag@jppmarine.com
Phone: +48 501 270876

The Szczecin Shipyard is located in the center of Europe, and is situated near the main routes. This location allows easy transport of materials by road, railway and sea.